Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cheat the game, play the same.

Twist the metal, ignore his odyssey, dont cross the chrono, make that fantasy the last, though seven time its through, ignore the xeno and its gears, may it be for war or may it be for its saga, if you may, chart the magna for it is the map to cross the ocean of stars and as rogue as the galaxy may seem, the third kingdom romancing still, the saga continued as well, eleven seeks triumph through another eleven.bla bla bla bla aku bosan....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Moderation Of Liberation

The price of freedom is often full of gore and broken. For war do not decide who is right, rather than who is left. I quote the saying of one who were once a great general. Idea's convey from one mind to the other, my solution is that the diffrence idea being put besides one another creating a harmony. Singing one chord dosent make a harmony they say. But, if nothing is absolute than nothing is absolutely right, and right is absolutely wrong. Nothing is for certain. therefore, 'nothing' is uncertainly wrong and if the idea of absolute come into play than 'nothing' is certainly right, therefore nothing remains nothing. Right and wrong are only right and wrong when people want them to be. How do you know evil is evil?just because they have a diffrent point of view they are evil? the those evil bastards must have see you as an evil bastards as well? so what is evil? If taken down to it, what is morale values? what is anything in this world? people put value in things but people's opinion differs from each individuals. So it is conclude that everything is nothing and nothing is nothing. What happens if the truth is really nothing? NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!In that case nothing is everything since we belive in the truth which is nothing. Everything Is Nothing means nothings. In the end, oblivious which equal to nothing.........

Sunday, August 3, 2008


jamal gay sebab baca blog aku...sial hari2 dah lepak skali benda macam nih pon kau nak check ke?dumbass...baywalk sesat fifi culture shock adam riang suda


There's no way?dont worry i will find one or i will make one...


Fate have a way to probe your backside...a hard hitting unsuspecting stroke of luck as they say....i have my own views and you have yours...fate is not ultimately fixed as the will can change the pre-determined....this can be a rambling fool's perspective but this can also be the truth...truth is a flexible concept depending on who's side you're on...chicken shit, fried cocks and steamed butt...fuck the truth and fuck you...go with the flow and you'll end up falling from a 50000 meters waterfall coz the flow gotta end somewhere, might as well end while we're still at the river...songsang sisi songsang lada, mari makan roti jala, songsang jalan mencari bala, baik takyah jalan kita kurangkan suda....pening to the maxxx with triple X...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Call me crazy but this one is for you

You will always have a fucking let them rule you and your life isnt going to be about you soon, its going to be about what you do to pleased them...and where's that gonna leave you?misreable like you always are...why?because you always so concern about them who in reallity doesent really care about you because they will always have their own selfish agenda's in gaining for their own side...personally i dont think they even care about you other than for you to act so that they feel happy...for once in your life do something that makes you happy...and that shit that goes "im happy if they're happy" kinda crap is a total nonsense because thats just to sooth a bit of your pain...thats like taking drugs, and everybody knows drugs will be your are pretty may be smart in studies and academics but you suck at making yourself not saying you should be totally saying fuck all of them and make yourself happy for once in your misreable life...why am i being rude?because like them you dont response to a normal conversation...dont give me crap about you think what i've said either coz cleary you dont listen...things that i say would go wrong did go wrong with say you wanted to change...well no change being made and it seems you're going to be in the same state as your first one...people will rot and will do their worst...whats the diffrent with me?i rot long ago and even though im not nice and say things that hurts,its the fucking truth...i dont hide behind pretend manners and nice words...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Feels like im getting old

i think im too tired to be young and hip and everything....feels like its time to settle down...but given the situation and timing right now i still got waaaaaaay to go before anything like that is ever possible...but still, young people seems younger these days and it feels like im separated by an ocean of diffrence between me and someone who is one or two years younger than me...nyways i dont care...fuckallate